Ready GPS server


Take advantage of the ready-made solution which is the GPS server for gps vehicle monitoring. This is a complete solution that gives you the opportunity to run your own business based on the sale of GPS locators. You will receive an administered, updated server to operate GPS devices along with an application for users and administrative panel to manage.

Ready-made solution

You are purchasing a set up and ready to go server to support GPS locators.

Admin panel

You will get access to a panel where you can create user accounts and add devices.

User panel

Your users will get access to view their vehicles online.

Available servers

You can choose between two types of server. One to support up to 300 devices and one to support up to 500 devices.

Flat fee

You have to pay a fixed monthly subscription fee for each server.

Modern solution

The system was created entirely from scratch.
Constantly updated and monitored.

Enhanced and modern design

System created from scratch. Modern and with extensive system of additives to facilitate the work of the user.

24/7 online access

The system is available online 24/7 through a web browser. User can log in anytime from any device with internet access. Application for mobile phone also available.

A simple solution!

Customer Panel

For each user you will create a separate panel where they can log in and observe their assigned vehicles

Admin panel

As an administrator you will be able to manage devices, users and check server statistics

Easy to use

You don’t have to watch and manage the server. You get a ready-made solution that is taken care of by ready4gps

300 or 500 devices

You have two types of servers that can handle 300 or 500 GPS trackers with a history up to 3 months back

Add-ons and modules

The application is constantly developed and contains many additional modules, and it is possible to perform special functions if you need them

Flat fee

Fixed monthly maintenance cost for running the server and application. No additional costs. Check in the PRICE tab